Pioneering Days of Yesteryear Come Alive on the Sailing Ship Columbia – Fact Sheet

Sailing Ship Columbia

Guests will journey back in time to the golden age of pioneering and exploration on the Sailing Ship Columbia. The Columbia made its first voyage through the Rivers of America on June 14, 1958. This three-masted ship pays homage to the merchant ship that discovered the Columbia River. It also was the first American ship to circumnavigate the globe. Passengers may board the Columbia at Frontier Landing where they are greeted by the Captain. Once the ship is ready to set sail, passengers embark through the uncharted wilderness of the Rivers of America (Mississippi, Columbia, Potomac and Rio Grande rivers) where they will encounter wildlife and spectacular views that only Mother Nature could create. While on the expedition, guests may go below deck to experience firsthand how pioneers of yesteryear lived during their long voyages, and to view artifacts in the onboard maritime museum.

Fun Facts

  • Once onboard, guests may stand near the Helmsman and offer to help steer the ship.
  • The ship is a tribute to the Columbia Rediviva. It was originally built in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1787 at a cost of about $50,000.
  • The carved wooden figure at the bow of the ship is a woman known as “Columbia,” the Spirit of America.
  • An American flag with 13 stars and stripes, representing the 13 original colonies at the time the Columbia Rediviva sailed, flies in the wind at the stern of the ship.
  • The ship is docked at Fowler’s Harbor. It is named after Joe Folwer, a retired navy admiral, who oversaw the construction of the Columbia.
  • The Sailing Ship Columbia can only be found at Disneyland Park.
  • At night, the ship is magically transformed into a pirate ship for performances of “Fantasmic!.”

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