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Pixar Pier, the whimsical boardwalk where Pixar stories and characters come to life, opens June 23, 2018, at Disney California Adventure Park. A talented team of Disney cast members, including Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Parks Live Entertainment, collaborated with Pixar Animation Studios – and an Academy Award®-winning composer ­– to develop this newest land at the Disneyland Resort.

Pixar Pier

Gary Maggetti, General Manager of Disney California Adventure Park:

  • “Our team is so excited to welcome guests to Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure Park. They can enjoy some favorite characters and stories in Pixar-themed neighborhoods, and experience the super-thrilling Incredicoaster. We have adventures all along Pixar Pier, with entertainment, new food kiosks and the stunning new dining location, Lamplight Lounge. Even Edna Mode is joining the fun! And now is a great time to discover Pixar Pier because it’s opening during Pixar Fest, a celebration happening throughout the Disneyland Resort only through September 3.”

Jeffrey Shaver-Moskowitz, Executive Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering:

  • “While reimagining the pier area at Disney California Adventure, we knew we had a unique opportunity to play with the great Pixar stories in an all-new way, like taking the Incredibles and bringing the Incredicoaster to life. Pixar Pier allows us to share a collection of Pixar stories and create an experience where all Pixar characters have a home. New characters will be able to come, too, as additional stories join the Pixar family.”

Debbie Gonzalez, Creative Director for Pixar Pier, Walt Disney Imagineering:

  • “In our research for the look of Pixar Pier, we fell in love with the turn-of-the-century architecture and modern-day colors of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. It was such a natural fit for Disney California Adventure Park. We’re really excited for guests to experience all the fun of Pixar at this California seaside boardwalk.”

Roger Gould, Creative Director, Theme Parks, Pixar Animation Studios:

  • “The Pixar stories don’t end just because the film does – we imagine the characters’ lives continue. And that’s what we’ve been able to deliver on in the Disney parks – keeping our stories alive and moving forward in many different ways. Walking into our worlds, guests have the chance to reignite their emotional connection with Pixar stories and characters.”
  • “In our films, we take audiences under the sea, around the world, into outer space, inside the human mind or even someplace as improbable as the Land of the Dead. It’s amazing for all of us to be able to physically visit the different worlds we’ve only dreamed about up on a screen. There’s something transformative about bringing guests into these special places – that’s what Disney Parks is all about.”

Liz Gazzano, Executive Producer, Theme Parks, Pixar Animation Studios:

  • “Everybody on our team loves working with Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Parks Live Entertainment. I think it brings out the best in all of us. When we all come together on a project, after a while we’re finishing each other’s sentences.”

Tasha Sounart, Associate Creative Director, Theme Parks, Pixar Animation Studios:

  • “It’s been awesome collaborating with the Walt Disney Imagineering team. Everybody brings something different to the table, and that makes it fun and interesting as we solve these puzzles together.”


Jeffrey Shaver-Moskowitz, Executive Producer, Walt Disney Imagineering:

  • “We had a unique experience as we worked on the Incredicoaster because we worked right alongside the Pixar team on the production of the new feature film, ‘Incredibles 2.’ We worked closely with director Brad Bird and the ‘Incredibles 2’ team to bring to life these characters that everyone knows and loves. It’s exciting to know that our guests will be experiencing the movie sequel this summer at the very same time that they’re experiencing the Incredicoaster for the first time.”

Tracey Noce, Creative Director for the Incredicoaster, Walt Disney Imagineering:

  • “We already had a fantastic coaster that everyone knows and loves, and now it has a really fun and compelling story tied to the Incredibles! Trying to tell a story on a high-speed coaster can be difficult, so we had to get creative with storytelling that can be read really quickly.”

Steven Mason, Associate Creative Director, Theme Parks, Pixar Animation Studios:

  • “Working with Walt Disney Imagineering on Pixar Pier, including the Incredicoaster, has been an amazing experience. The Incredibles Park neighborhood is a great example of immersive placemaking with wonderful design – it feels like it could be right out of the films. The Incredicoaster has a really fun story and appealing characters, especially baby Jack-Jack who steals the show. Set to the amazing music by Michael Giacchino, guests will experience the world of the Incredibles in a whole new way!”
  • “There is gorgeous new art on display and new animation created specifically for the Incredicoaster by the original filmmakers. That, along with some amazing effects and wonderful character moments, help the Imagineers accomplish the incredible feat of telling a great story at 55 miles an hour.”

Michael Giacchino, Academy Award®-winning composer of “The Incredibles,” “Incredibles 2,” and new Incredicoaster attraction and queue area

  • “The really fun thing about doing an adaption from a film to a park attraction is that I get to take bits and pieces of the score and figure out where are they going to work – the turns, the loop de loops – it’s like getting to score an extra scene in the movie. ‘The Incredibles’ films have so many action moments in them, so this is like a bonus scene to me. The most fun thing is tying the music to the action, and I feel really lucky to get to do this because I have such a love for Disneyland and this attraction!”
  • “Having music like this on the Incredicoaster is going to give the attraction an identity and personality that it hasn’t had before. When people are riding it, they’re going to have an emotional connection with it and feel like they’re actually in the movie.”

 John Dennis, Executive Creative Director of Music, Walt Disney Imagineering:

  • “Michael Giacchino wrote incredible musical themes for ‘The Incredibles’ feature films. To take the sounds that guests know and adapt them into the Incredicoaster strengthens the storytelling and makes you actually believe you are in the world of the Incredibles. Michael’s music takes you back to those moments you’ve experienced in the films and gives a whole new experience while onboard the Incredicoaster.”

Lamplight Lounge

John State, Culinary Director, Food & Beverage, Disneyland Resort:

  • “The story of Lamplight Lounge is that this California casual gastro-pub is a spot where the Pixar creative types might hang out – a home away from home for the Pixar artists and animators. The menu is designed for a diverse audience that is open to all types of flavors, textures and ingredients. It was important for us to create a menu that not only looks great, but tastes great, too. Guests will find familiar foods, presented in an unfamiliar and fun way. We are excited to share all new food and beverage offerings with our guests at this elegant location on the beautiful waterfront of Pixar Pier.”

“Paint the Night” Parade

Randy Wojcik, Creative Director, Disney Parks Live Entertainment:

  • “Along with Buzz Lightyear and Woody, Mike and Sulley, and Mack Truck, we’re excited for guests to be dazzled by even more Pixar pals when a new float inspired by ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Incredibles 2’ joins this nighttime parade on June 23, aligned with ‘Incredibles 2’ in theaters and the opening of Pixar Pier at Disney California Adventure!”

Tracy Halas, Choreographer, Disney Parks Live Entertainment:

  • “We have some incredible friends joining ‘Paint the Night’; The Incredibles and Frozone make their first appearance in this nighttime parade, bringing their super powers to life along the parade route of this dazzling show.”
  • “The Incredibles join many other Pixar pals in the ‘Paint the Night’ parade, including Mike and Sulley from ‘Monsters, Inc.,’ Woody, Buzz and Jessie from ‘Toy Story’ and Lightning McQueen and Mack from ‘Cars’.”

TripleDent Gum presents The Pixarmonic Orchestra

Chris Utley, Show Director, The Pixarmonic Orchestra:

  • “The inspiration for The Pixarmonic Orchestra came from a lifelong appreciation and love of the music of Spike Jones and His City Slickers. The band presents an array of musical styles in a fun and upbeat fashion that fits the Pixar tunes perfectly. The arrangements, dialogue and energy of this unique group will appeal to the whole family.”
  • “We had so much fun designing the costumes for The Pixarmonic Orchestra. We took the idea of big plaid and blended it with the mid-century modern look from Pixar films to come up with a colorful costume that suits the music style perfectly. The costumes even have some fun Pixar ‘Easter Eggs!’ ”


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