Galactic Grill Offers Star Wars-themed Menu Items

Filed in: Disneyland Park

The Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland serves up specialty Star Wars-themed menu items as part of Season of the Force, a new themed experience celebrating iconic characters and moments from the Star Wars saga with special food, thrilling attractions and immersive experiences. Guests may choose to follow the dark side or the light side with foods and beverages inspired by both sides of the Force. The Jedi Order Grilled Chicken Sandwich offers fuel for the light side with five-spice chicken breast, fried green beans, pickled red onions, purple watercress and wasabi mayonnaise. The First Order Specialty Burger gives guests a taste of the dark side, featuring an Angus beef and chorizo patty topped with fried cherry peppers and spicy-lime aioli on a dark bun. The dark side also offers tempting desserts including the Darth by Chocolate parfait and The Pastry Menace, an éclair filled with hot pepper and milk chocolate. Also at Galactic Grill, located in the Tomorrowland Terrace, guests may collect the BB-8 sipper and TIE Fighter premium popcorn bucket.