Limited-Edition Pixar Fest Merchandise Fact Sheet

The first-ever Pixar Fest celebrates the heartwarming stories and characters of Pixar films as they come alive at the Disneyland Resort. Now through Sept. 3, 2018, Pixar fans of all ages will want to join in the fun with Pixar Fest merchandise. New, limited-time offerings are ideal to take home, or share with a friend, including apparel, accessories, drinkware, plush, souvenirs and more. Items are available throughout the resort, including Emporium in Disneyland Park, the new Knick’s Knacks in Disney California Adventure Park, the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney and at the three hotels of the Disneyland Resort.

Popular Pixar Fest merchandise items include:

    • Friendship bracelets: Guests will commemorate their personal friendships with Pixar-themed friendship charm bracelets. With nine sets of Pixar pal charms to collect, friends may add new charms to their bracelets throughout Pixar Fest.
    • Apparel: Guests of all ages will get into the spirit of friendship with Pixar Fest apparel. T-shirts, baseball caps and more feature colorful Pixar Fest character designs, available in men’s, women’s and youth sizes. Special companion apparel is designed to be worn “in pairs,” inspired by the stories of “Up,” “The Incredibles,” “Finding Nemo” and more.
    • Pixar headwear: Special themed headwear will allow guests to channel some of their favorite Pixar characters. Fun Pixar headwear includes:
      • Woody, Green Alien, WALL•E, EVE and Lightning McQueen Ears
      • Buzz Lightyear and Space Alien glow headbands
      • Hair bows inspired by Dory, Jessie, and Mike and Sulley
    • Buzz bubble blower: Space rangers will fill the parks with bubbles, with help from their Pixar pal Buzz Lightyear.
    • Space Alien Light Up Tumbler: Guests at the Disneyland Resort will quench their thirst with a Space Alien Light Up Tumbler. The tumbler features the claw reaching down toward a green Alien from “Toy Story,” and will leave guests “oohing” and “ahhing” with its three light-up sequences.
    • “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” souvenir light-up sippers: Guests may also enjoy beverages in special “Finding Nemo” and “Finding Dory” light-up sippers. The sippers can be enjoyed on their own or in pairs, as one features Nemo and the other features Dory.
    • Sulley popcorn bucket and Mike Wazowski sipper: At popcorn carts throughout the parks, guests will find their favorite monsters with the Sulley popcorn bucket and Mike Wazowski sipper. When combined, the items make quite the pair.
    • Pixar-themed straws: Guests may add a little Pixar flair to their beverages with a Pixar Lamp & Ball Straw, and a Space Alien Straw. These straws also include a special souvenir, which can be removed and used as a backpack clip.
    • “Coco” jarrita: Guests dining at Rancho del Zocalo in Disneyland or Paradise Garden Grill in Disney California Adventure may enjoy a delicious treat from a beautifully designed “Coco” jarrita souvenir cup.
    • Sketch Artisans at Off the Page & Knick’s Knacks: At Off the Page and the new Knick’s Knacks in Disney California Adventure, guests will be able to have a Disney artist create an original piece of work right before their eyes. Guests may select from a curated assortment of images from Pixar feature films and watch as the artist brings the scene to life for guests, an ideal souvenir.
    • Art on Demand at Knick’s Knacks: Also at the new Knick’s Knacks, guests may visit the new Art on Demand kiosk to view a curated assortment of images from Pixar archives representing both Pixar feature films and short films. Once an image is chosen, guests may select to have it printed on paper or canvas and may have it shipped directly to their home.
    • Pixar Fest ornaments: Two-sided, Pixar Fest ceramic disk ornaments showcase Pixar friends with one pal on each side. Guests will find Mike and Sulley, WALL•E and EVE, Miguel and Dante, and Joy and Anger featured on these must-have collector ornaments.
    • Art & Collectibles: Starting in June, stylized wooden figures inspired by Disney•Pixar characters will be available for guests to collect. These wooden figures come in sets of three, with sets inspired by “The Incredibles” arriving in June, “Toy Story” in July, “Monsters, Inc.” in August, and “Up” in September.
    • Pixar Fest pin trading: Friends and pin traders will expand their collections with limited-edition pins set to be released throughout Pixar Fest. Pins will feature Pixar characters from “The Incredibles,” “Up,” “Finding Nemo” and other beloved Pixar films.
  • Pixar Fest stationery set: Guests may share the message of friendship with their family and friends with special Pixar Fest greeting cards. The note cards feature Pixar pals Lighting McQueen and Mater, Dug and Russell, Remy and Linguini, and Sulley and Boo on the front cover, with space to write a personalized message inside.
  • Pixar Fest keychains: For a token of friendship, guests may carry Pixar Fest keychains that feature Pixar buddies: WALL•E and EVE, Joy and Anger, Miguel and Dante, and Nemo and Dory. The Pixar Fest keychains will be available in June.


  • Pixar Fest Dooney & Bourke designs: Dooney & Bourke has designed a wallet, cross-body and tote collection exclusively for Pixar Fest, all featuring stylized Pixar character art. These items will be available in May.
  • Pixar Fest Lounge Fly tote: Lounge Fly has designed a leather tote bag inspired by “Monsters, Inc.,” exclusively for Pixar Fest.


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