Goofy’s Sky School: Fun Facts

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Goofy’s Sky School – Joining the fun along Paradise Pier July 1, 2011, this coaster attraction invites guests to enroll in Goofy’s Sky School, a hilarious adventure filled with zany dips, twists and family thrills. Inspired by the classic Goofy “How-to” shorts of the 1940s and 1950s as well as the cartoon short, “Goofy’s Glider,” the attraction takes “novice pilots” on a flying lesson through the wild, blue yonder. Zipping over and through the clouds, the flight path rises three stories high with plenty of wacky antics and instruction from Goofy via whimsically animated billboards.

  • The attraction is inspired by the classic Goofy “how-to” short films of the 1940s and 1950s as well as the cartoon short, “Goofy’s Glider.”
  • The flight instructor’s motto is on the entrance sign: “Fly the Goofy Way.”
  • The attraction tells the story of Goofy’s decision to launch a flight academy following a failed attempt as an egg farmer on his California farmland.
  • Residents of the egg farm-turned-flight school still linger on the premises, making this wacky flight school even more thrilling.
  • Guests will enjoy unexpected turns on this “flight,” which features several “switchback” sections over 1,200 feet of track.
  • Attraction vehicles will hold four guests per car.
  • Guests must be 42 inches tall to ride, and FastPass is available for Goofy’s Sky School.