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The first-ever Pixar Fest brings the playful spirit of Pixar films to life at the Disneyland Resort from April 13 through Sept. 3, 2018, for the biggest Pixar celebration ever to come to Disney Parks. The following Disney and Pixar cast members have been involved with the development and launch of Pixar Fest.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Bob Chapek, Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences & Consumer Products:

  • “Since 1955, we’ve been bringing Disney magic to families here in Anaheim and around the world. And behind it all—right from the very beginning—has been the world’s best storytelling, including the amazing stories created by Pixar. The team at Pixar has brought us to a world in which cars are just as human we are; they’ve shown us the softer side of the monsters under our bed; and they’ve taken us to infinity and beyond. Now as we launch Pixar Fest, we’re taking what Disney parks does best—creating magical experiences—and combining it with some of the greatest stories of all time to give guests something totally new.”

Disneyland Resort

Josh DAmaro, President, Disneyland Resort:

  • “Whether you’re battling the evil Emperor Zurg with Buzz Lightyear or cruising down Route 66 in Cars Land, Pixar stories play an enormous part of any visit to the Disneyland Resort. With a new fireworks show, the arrival of ‘Pixar Play Parade’ in Disneyland Park and the return of ‘Paint the Night,’ Pixar Fest and its spirit of friendship will bring favorite Pixar stories to life for our guests in new and exciting ways.”

 Pixar Fest Entertainment

 “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”

John Addis, Show Director, Disney Parks Live Entertainment:

  • “I cannot wait for everyone to see ‘Together Forever—A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular.’ It’s fun, exciting and joyous; and the stories will touch guests’ hearts and lift their spirits.”
  • “There are some really beautiful fireworks in this show with colors and textures unlike anything you’ve ever seen before at the Disneyland Resort. The fireworks enhance the stories guests will see on the projections and hear through the music, which make this multimedia experience very lively and fun.”

Susana Tubert, Creative Director, “Together Forever – A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”:

  • “ ‘Together Forever– A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular’ is ode to the heart of Pixar from Disneyland. This fireworks spectacular is a celebration of the journey of friendship featured in so many of Pixar’s beloved films; when characters first meet, then set out on adventures, face and overcome adversities and forge everlasting bonds together, forever.”
  • “In ‘Together Forever,’ it was important to capture what makes Pixar films unique: stories that are driven by characters who have a strong, emotional connection. Through this multimedia and fireworks spectacular, guests are going to experience friendship on many levels – the friendships between Pixar pals, as well as their own emotional bonds with the characters of these beloved Pixar films.”

Matt Walker, Head of Music, Walt Disney Imagineering:

  • “What was particularly fun in constructing and designing this show, was the role of music. We could take these amazing Pixar scores and songs and weave them in to support the story of friendship. This show is all about friends meeting, the adventures they go on, the challenges they face, and friendships that last forever.”

“Paint the Night” Parade

Randy Wojcik, Creative Director, “Paint the Night” Parade:

  • “ ‘Paint the Night’ parade showcases a beautiful story about Sorcerer Mickey who has found a way to harness Tinker Bell’s magical pixie dust.”
  • “One of the most visually impressive elements in ‘Paint the Night’ parade is Mack Truck from Pixar’s ‘Cars.’  Mack’s great personality from the films really comes to life, and to light, on the parade route in a very magical way. Along with Buzz and Woody, and Mike and Sulley, we’re excited for guests to be dazzled by even more Pixar pals when a new float inspired by ‘The Incredibles’ and ‘Incredibles 2’ joins this nighttime parade for Pixar Fest this June!”

“Pixar Play Parade”               

Robin Trowbridge, Show Director, “Pixar Play Parade”:

  • “At Disneyland Park, ‘Pixar Play Parade’ brings Pixar characters and friends together for one big moment and shining celebration of play.”
  • “In ‘Pixar Play Parade,’ we have our favorite Pixar pals coming back, plus the addition of new friends. Joining the parade are the iconic Pixar Lamp and Ball, as well as new story elements featuring beloved characters from ‘Up’ and ‘Inside Out.’ They really take the Pixar fun to a new level!”

Paul Bryant, Choreographer, “Pixar Play Parade”:

  • “There are so many different styles of dance incorporated in ‘Pixar Play Parade,’ from jazz to hip hop, which makes this parade lively and fun. We want guests watching ‘Pixar Play Parade’ to get up on their feet, have a good time and dance like nobody’s watching!”

TripleDent Gum presents The Pixarmonic Orchestra

Chris Utley, Show Director, The Pixarmonic Orchestra:

  • “The inspiration for The Pixarmonic Orchestra came from a lifelong appreciation and love of the music of Spike Jones and His City Slickers. The band presents an array of musical styles in a fun and upbeat fashion that fits the Pixar tunes perfectly. The arrangements, dialogue and energy of this unique group will appeal to the whole family.”
  •  “We had so much fun designing the costumes for The Pixarmonic Orchestra. We took the idea of big plaid and blended it with the mid-century modern look from Pixar films to come up with a colorful costume that suits the music style perfectly. The costumes even have some fun Pixar ‘Easter Eggs!’ ”

Pixar Fest Food & Beverage

Chef John State, Culinary Director, Disneyland Resort:

  • “The food and beverage at Pixar Fest celebrates what we do best here – combining great flavors with storytelling. We think guests are going to love eating it as much they love showing it off on social media.”
  • “Guests will see the talent of our Chefs in all the Pixar Fest food and beverage. Not only are the offerings delicious, they tell the story of Pixar Fest in authentic ways. At Carnation Café, guests can get a pork chop dinner that’s served in a dish that looks just like the TV dinners Carl eats in the “Up” film. The Pixar Fest Celebration Cake has three layers –the colors of the Pixar lamp and ball. And the green, Space Alien macarons – well, they’re out of this world!”
  • “There’s even more to look forward to with Pixar Fest food and beverage. In June, we’re introducing a new menu at Lamplight Lounge at Pixar Pier, and a new Pixar-themed Afternoon Tea will be served at Steakhouse 55.”

Disney Parks Live Entertainment

Shelby JiggettsTivony, Vice President, Creative and Advanced Development, Disney Parks Live Entertainment:

  • “Pixar creates these worlds that you want to know better, then Walt Disney Imagineering creates the chance for you to walk through those worlds, and Disney Parks Live Entertainment creates those character experiences where you get to spend time with them up close, in so many fun ways.”
  • “We work closely with our partners to figure out how to bring these characters to life so that the guests can meet them, hug them, and interact with them.”

Pixar Animation Studios

Roger Gould, Creative Director, Theme Parks, Pixar Animation Studios:

  •  “The Pixar stories don’t end just because the film does – we imagine the characters’ lives continue. And that’s what we’ve been able to deliver on in the Disney Parks – keeping our stories alive and moving forward in many different ways. Walking into our worlds gives our guests’ the chance to reignite their emotional connection with Pixar stories and characters – to embrace the characters they love.”
  • “In our films, we take audiences under the sea, around the world, into outer space, inside the human mind or even someplace as improbable as the Land of the Dead.  It’s amazing for all of us to be able to physically visit the different worlds we’ve only dreamed up on a screen. There’s something transformative about bringing guests into these special places – that’s what Disney Parks is all about.”

Liz Gazzano, Executive Producer, Theme Parks, Pixar Animation Studios:

  • “Everybody on our team loves working with Walt Disney Imagineering and Disney Parks Live Entertainment. I think it brings out the best in all of us. When we all come together on a project, after a while we’re finishing each other’s sentences. It has been an amazing partnership.”


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