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Fun Facts & Statistics

Balloon Statistics

  • Height: 98 feet from ground to top of ears
  • Weight:  Estimate 410 lbs.
  • Circumference: 168 feet
  • Diameter: 53 feet
  • Volume: 90,000 cubic feet (body) – 113,000 total
  • Lift capacity: 1800 lb. max gross lift
  • Thread Used: Approximately 9 miles of thread!
  • Fabric for Mouse Ears:  Approximately 750 sq. yards       
  • Total fabric: Approximately 4,744 sq. yards

Fun Facts

  • Mickey’s nose is 5.5 feet in diameter….. a child could easily stand up inside it.
  • If Mickey’s body were added to the balloon he would stand over 200 feet tall!
  • The pupils of Mickey’s eyes are over 6 feet in diameter.
  • The Happiest Balloon on Earth can fit into a bag which is 1,400 times smaller than the fully inflated balloon.
  • On a good weather day, The Happiest Balloon on Earth can fly two miles high!
  • Laurie Spencer is the first female pilot of a Disney hot air balloon (her husband Scott is co-pilot).

General Hot Air Balloon Info

  • Launch locations are variable and dependant on weather, balloon safety and FAA restrictions
  • Weather permitting, the balloon can potentially be utilized for thirty minutes to an hour maximum in the early morning (Sunrise to 10am on a perfect day) or prior to sunset in the summer and potentially mid-day in the fall.  In most cases, mid day weather is completely unpredictable due to the heat of the atmosphere.
  • Once the balloon is inflated, there are three ways to operate it:
    • Static inflation (ground)
    • Tethered (Just off the ground)
    • Free flight
  • Inflation and tethering of The Happiest Balloon on Earth balloon requires a 150′ x 150′ unobstructed footprint, preferably grass.
  • Two vehicles and a trailer are required to the support tour:
    • Chase vehicle and balloon trailer
    • Motor home to use for all ground support, radio and TV remote backdrop etc.
  • Manufacturer: Cameron Balloons US (Ann Arbor Michigan)
  • Balloon Pilots:  Scott and Laurie Spencer,   Lighter Than Air America, Inc.