What Animates ‘World of Color’ at Disneyland Resort? Classic and New Animation, With Beloved Characters

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“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive.” – Walt Disney

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Audiences for “World of Color” in Disney California Adventure park will see Disney and Disney•Pixar animation in a whole new storytelling medium.  The nighttime water spectacular at Disney California Adventure park creates a “stage” of water, color and fire for favorite Disney characters to enact their adventures.

“World of Color” features a thrilling mixture of classic animated sequences from Disney and Disney•Pixar movies, newly created sequences featuring popular characters, and all-new animation in a variety of styles – some of them never before seen in a Disney or Disney•Pixar film.

Inspired by the fun, the music and the kaleidoscopic images that introduced Walt Disney’s pioneering “Wonderful World of Color” TV show each week during the 1960s, “World of Color” immerses guests in an ever-changing sensory experience at Disney California Adventure park.
  • The show draws on a rich history of classic Disney stories and characters, as well as the new and innovative Disney•Pixar films.
  • Among the characters and stories represented are Dory, Marlin, Crush and Squirt from “Finding Nemo,” Ariel and Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid,” Woody and Buzz Lightyear from “Toy Story,” Aladdin and Jasmine from “Aladdin,” Belle and the Beast from “Beauty and the Beast,” Wall-E and Eve from “Wall-E,” Simba, Mufasa and Scar from “The Lion King” and an array of heroes, heroines and colorful villains from the vast treasury of Disney and Disney•Pixar films.
  • Many characters and scenes have been specially animated using the latest motion picture animation technology to bring them alive in new ways as they interact with the “World of Color” fountain screens.  New generations of Disney and Pixar animators were charged with the exciting task of preparing classic characters for their “World of Color” appearances.
  • Even some of the classic Disney animation from Walt Disney’s earliest feature films will be seen as never before. For example, the character Diana in the original “Fantasia” has been expanded on the water screen, and guests see her releasing an arrow that magically transforms into Eve from “Wall-E” as it takes flight.
  • In addition to traditional and computer animation, “World of Color” employs some more unusual techniques.  An award-winning animator contributed an “Aladdin” sequence to the show using the medium of “sand animation.”
  • Another artist whose unique work appears in “World of Color” is paper sculptor Megan Brain.  More than 20 of her inventive paper sculptures of Disney characters – including a sea of wonderful, comical fish inspired by “The Little Mermaid” and a creation of Agrabah from “Aladdin” – were photographed and then transformed into full animation for the show.  The paper sculptures will appear on a screen 50 feet high.  In reality, they stand approximately 12 inches tall.


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